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If you don't own a dog, at least one, there is not necessarily anything wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life - Roger Caras
Hey! You with the droopy ears and the tail! Know what time it is?
It's time to WADDLE!
We're getting ready for the Premier SBR event of the year -
The 2017 Sweetheart Waddle!

Come hang out with us and enjoy all things Basset.
Activity booths, vendors, food and lots of Basset stuff!

And of course we will have many, many sweet hounds looking for their Forever Homes.
Adopt your next best friend from SBR!

Click Here for more info and to Register to attend!
What's better than a snack? A belly rub? An ear scratch? A nap?
Going to the Vet!
Just kidding! Being crowned SBR Royalty of course!
Nominate your hound for Sweetheart Waddle King or Queen
Support your favorite King or Queen - the hounds with the most support get crowned!
Please take a moment to visit our Waddle Memorial Page

Get the Look! Be the coolest on the block with Waddle Wear!

 Take your Walk for a Dog with Wooftrax!
Featured Boy Hound!
Jake (1446)
Meet Jake, a 6 – 7 year old boy who came to SBR through a shelter so not much is known about his life prior to. Jake has on-going ear infections and requires a diligent owner. Jake will snuggle with you....
Featured Girl Hound!
Elmyra Jo (1420)
Meet Elmyra Jo, SBR’s newest little lady and by little we mean a mere 34 pounds! This 8 year old is a bundle playful energy. She may seem aggressive but that is the way she plays. This lady is housebroken ....
RESCUED CARD's "Heroes for Hounds" card packs.
We are so thrilled that SBR Alum, Dylan Rebhann is one of the 6 rescues chosen and is the Card featured on top of the pack. AROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Dylan!!!
Find out more about SBR, RESCUED CARDS and Dylan here.

click for SBR EBAY GIVING WORKS page! Got something to donate to help raise money for the homeless hounds?  Looking for some good scores to help the homeless hounds?
Foster Homes Desperately Needed!
Please Click Here to read an important message from our Foster Coordinator.
Owner Relinquishes
Think you might have to reinquish your Hound? Go here first!
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