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If you don't own a dog, at least one, there is not necessarily anything wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life - Roger Caras
Hey you! Yes, you there with the short legs and floppy ears! Get out your best leash and collar - because it's time..... to WADDLE!
That's right, it's WADDLE time again, and the 2015 SBR WADDLE will be the best ever! Arrrooo!
It's over 300 bassets and their servants gathering together to have fun, play games, contests, buy Basset stuff and hang with the REAL cool people - Basset people!
Check out last year's WADDLE here.
Ever wonder what it would be like to pal around with royalty?
Scratch a King's belly? Give a Queen a good ear rub?
Now's your chance! Vote for the 2015 WADDLE King & Queen!
Got some Royal Blood in the family? Nominate your Hound!
February 28th at the Greater Ocala Dog Club
More 2015 SBR WADDLE details coming soon!
More than half of our Fosters are age 8 and above. They are wonderful dogs that are waiting for their FOREVER home! During the month of November, ALL dogs aged 8+ will have a reduced Adoption Fee AND the Adopter will receive a "Senior Wellness Package" If you would like to open your heart and home to deserving Senior Pet, please fill out an Adoption Application!
Featured Boy Hound!
Chubby (1100)
First of all, Chubby would like you to know that he IS NOT chubby! At least not THAT chubby! At 50 lbs, this 6 year old claims he only needs to lose a FEW pounds, but who among us couldn't?
Featured Girl Hound!
Daisy (1099)
Miss Daisy is a beautiful 9 year old lady, who loves to be with people. She’s great with other dogs and cats and all people. She is deceptively good at counter surfing, as her foster family discovered....
 Take your Walk for a Dog with Wooftrax!
Pay it forward. Help another Basset...

On March 16, 2014 Suncoast Basset Rescue took back Nellie into their care. Nellie was a Suncoast houndie that was adopted in 2011. Nellie has a history of ulcerated dermal masses and at this time has 7 on her body that need to removed. They have been diagnosed as hair matrix carcinomas. She has a very large mass on her back right paw which will require two toes being amputated. After surgery she may need to start chemotherapy metronomic therapy to prevent recurrence. Nellie is about 6 years old and is in great physical condition otherwise.
Update: On 03/29/14 Nellie had 13 masses removed and 2 toes amputated. She has been a real trooper and now the healing process starts. Please keep the recovery drool flowing her way!
Please go here to help!
Are you ready for the Holidays?

Check out our Yankee Candle Fundraiser and find some Festive Scents to fill your home with!

Suncoast will receive 40% of your TOTAL ORDER! Click on this link to start your order. Don't forget to add our Group Code: 990064410

Shipping is just $5.99 or FREE for orders over $100.

RESCUED CARD's "Heroes for Hounds" card packs.
We are so thrilled that SBR Alum, Dylan Rebhann is one of the 6 rescues chosen and is the Card featured on top of the pack. AROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Dylan!!!
Find out more about SBR, RESCUED CARDS and Dylan here.
Order your Moon Doggie Coffee and support Suncoast Basset Rescue. Between 11/1 and 11/16, Moon Doggie will donate 30% of Dylan's "Thankful Aroooooo Peruvian Brew" to SBR. They will also donate 20% of all other coffees (and they have more kinds that you can imagine). Go to MoonDoggieCoffee to order. Remember to write Suncoast in the comment section!

click for SBR EBAY GIVING WORKS page! Got something to donate to help raise money for the homeless hounds?  Looking for some good scores to help the homeless hounds?
Foster Homes Desperately Needed!
Please Click Here to read an important message from our Foster Coordinator.
Owner Relinquishes
Think you might have to reinquish your Hound? Go here first!
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