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Logan (1307)

Logan made his way to SBR via a shelter. He's approximately 8-10 years old. Whatever abuse he suffered prior to SBR goes deep. He fear bites when he feels his comfort is disturbed, his food is taken away or even just trying to trim his nails. We had a professional trainer work with him only to be told his issues were not "fixable". He desperately wants to be a good boy but his brain won't allow the trust that goes with it. He loves to be outside and he loves to sleep the night next to his mommy's bed. He loves going for walks on his leash. Because of his trust issues along with his fear biting SBR felt it was best to keep this little man with us and we were lucky when his foster mommy agreed for him to stay with her. She showers him with love and allows him his space. You can help sponsor this little bundle of love by virtually adopting him and by supporting Suncoast with your donations(s) you can help Logan live a happy life. Thank you for supporting all of our special hounds!

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