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Louie (1435)

Louie is a sweet 7-8 year old guy who loves his neck and chin rubbed. He is very good with other dogs. He loves going for walks and really loves going to the pet stores. He is so well mannered and only barks when you are out of his site. He is good about his bath, nail trim and ear cleaning. He is also housebroken. Louie was diagnosed with EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency) and Diabetes. This means that Louie must have prescription enzymes mixed in with his meals and he takes insulin shots twice a day. He eats prescription dog food and takes Vestulin (animal specific insulin from the vet). Due to the EPI, Louie has a hard time gaining weight, so he will always be on the skinny side. Additionally, Louie has developed cataracts from the Diabetes. He has some vision, but he does have a hard time seeing. He has learned to compensate for his disability and moves around fairly well, but does bump into people and other dogs occasionally. Louie doesn’t mind getting his daily shots and will wait for his “after shot” treats. Louie will require regular vet visits to have his Glucose Curve done. This allows the vet to adjust his daily insulin injections. Also, he does require prescription food, enzymes, and insulin. He will need access to fresh water and the ability to go to the bathroom after drinking water, as the Diabetes tends to make him thirsty. Don’t let his health issues deter you from considering Louie. He is a wonderful boy and deserves a forever home!

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