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Amy (1440)

Amy is a feisty 8 year-old that has the bark of a beagle and waddle of a basset! She is full of energy and LOVES toys and long walks. Amy is one of the happiest bagels around, always wagging her tail and smiling away. At bedtime, she nuzzles herself against her foster mom and sleeps in till late morning. She is NOT an early riser and will moan at the sound of the alarm clock. Amy is eager to please, loves to cuddle and enjoys sunbathing. She is a confirmed counter cruiser, and if she's not watched carefully, consider it gone! Amy is constantly on the go, whether it's chasing lizards, clearing out the toy basket or rolling around in the grass. She came into rescue in March of 2016 as a stray with a 3lb tumor on her shoulder and another close to her belly. Sadly, pathology reports showed the shoulder was fibrosarcoma and the other mammary carcinoma. Unfortunately, the fibrosarcoma will keep regenerating and complete removal is not possible, even with clear margins. This year, Amy had to undergo surgery twice to remove the fast-growing tumor. It is a difficult recovery with multiple drains and staples due to its size. Through it all, she was a champ! Thank you for your support of Amy. It allows her to get the medical treatment that she needs.

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