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Dupre (1445)

Dupre is a shy 7 year old cutie. Dupre gets along great with other dogs, especially his best bud, Freckles. Dupre spent the first 3 years of his life in a small outdoor kennel with little socialization. Due to this, when he came into Rescue, he was afraid of everything - noises, movements, anything in your hand, etc. For the first few weeks, his foster family had to keep a long leash on him at all times in order to get him to come to them. Dupre has come a long way, with the help of his loving foster family, but even after 2 years in Suncoast’s care, he remains a high flight risk. He requires a yard with a double fence and there are times when it can take 30 minutes or longer to get him to come into the house. Your support of Dupre allows him to live with his forever foster family and continue to get the help he needs so he can live a happy life.

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