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Shirley (1498)

Meet Shirley, the second half of an adorable bonded pair, with Laverne. Shirley is 9 years old and petite at 42 pounds. She is probably Laverne’s daughter or younger sister. She loves to hunt lizards and chase squirrels all day. Shirley is afraid of thunderstorms and loud noises. She is housebroken unless she gets scared from a storm. She’ll give kisses, loves belly rubs and hugs. She will bark to let you know somebody is at the door. She will curl up with Laverne at night to sleep or even during the day for naps. She requires a thunder shirt and a safe place for hiding during our daily storms here in Florida. She and Laverne will hide together. She walks well on a leash and is 90% housebroken with an occasional accident at night only until she learns how to wake you up at night to go out. Unfortunately Shirley recently had some mammary tumors removed and was diagnosed with a low grade cancer. Since her and Laverne have been in and out of SBRs care since 2011 and most recently been at their current Foster home since 2016, it is best for them to live out their days with their "forever foster" mom. Although Laverne and Shirley are not up for physical adoption, they CAN BE VIRTUALLY ADOPTED <3!! For more information, please click on the "adopt me" link to sponsor them.

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