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Boomer (1545)

Meet Boomer, this 7 year old handsome hound is blind but don’t let that deter you as it sure does not deter him. Boomer loves to play with his squeaky toys and enjoys being outdoors doing what hounds do best, smelling the world. He’s adventurous as his foster family found out when he ventured into their woods with his other hound brothers. Boomer is blind due to glaucoma and does require drops twice a day. Boomer is fully housetrained and doggie door trained. His blindness doesn’t stop him from going in and out on his own. He learned his foster homes dog door in one day! He gets along well with his foster pack which includes four other hounds and a Chihuahua. If you like big, hunky men, look no further, Boomer suits his name as he weighs in at a healthy 69 pounds and is not overweight. Have we mentioned his howl, he has a bass vocal the other hounds are envious of however he only howls when the other hounds start. His bark is a big deep bark too. He is a gentle giant for lack of a better way to put it. Boomer would do well in a house with other dogs as he does like to “follow”. He’s sleeps his nights through on his doggy bed but will sleep in bed with you if permitted. Boomer foster family wants you to know he is a wonderful dog and would be a great addition to any family. If you think Boomer would be a good fit for you, fill out your application and schedule a meet and greet today.

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