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Dude (1574)

Meet Dude, an 11 year old who came to Suncoast as a stray. Dude is a sweet and quiet older man who is housebroken, can use a doggie door and enjoys walks on a leash. He gets along well with his 2 foster friends although prefers the quiet of another room. Dude did lose his right eye and does have glaucoma in his left, which he takes drops for. He has had many teeth removed. As with most senior hounds, Dude has arthritis and is on anti-inflammatory medication and Dasuquin. Dude is fearful of being picked up although he will not retaliate in aggression ~ his body does involuntarily respond. So no picking up for this guy, a ramp works well or a lift up using his hind legs. Dude is fearful of going to the vet and must be sedated for vet examinations. He does best if you talk to him before you pet him and or give him meds as he startles easily. He has a press done on right elbow that must be kept wrapped to avoid Dude bothering it and getting an infection. Due to Dude's medical issues, Dude will stay with his foster family forever. Your support of Suncoast Basset Rescue helps Dude have the opportunity to live his life and be happy, in spite of his issues. Thank you for supporting all of the virtual fosters!

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