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Pudders (1581)

Sweet energetic senior Pud came to Suncoast Basset Rescue due to no fault of his own. He recently turned 15 in January but you would never know it. He is fun loving, loves to play and run around like a young pup. He loves his green beans and often demands to have them “NOW”. He must always spend the first 10 minutes when his foster mom arrives home telling her about the injustice of her absence during the day. The decision to make Pud a forever foster was due to his anxiety. He is a very anxious boy and can go on for hours barking, whining, and/or whimpering for no apparent reasons. He is on supplements to help him but at his age it might just be too much for him to have to transition into one more home. He is loved and spoiled by his foster family who treat him as one of their own. Through virtual adoption you can help to cover the on-going costs of keeping Pud in the SBR family with a loving family that will continue to shower love on him.

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