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Chip (1599)

Chip is a sweet ole man that just wants a familiar place and a comfy bed, to live out his remaining days. When Chip was taken into Suncoast’s care last year, he was already blind in one eye and the other eye had pressures that were so high that it was causing him excruciating pain. The decision was made to remove both eyes to give him some relief. His mouth was a hot mess ~ abscessed teeth and blisters all over his lips and gums. The worst of his teeth were removed, hoping that would give him some relief. After some time and different antibiotics tried, his mouth was still blistering, so a biopsy of his lip was taken. Chip has Chronic Ulcerative Paradental Stomatitis (CUPS) - in short, he is allergic to the plaque and tartar that forms on teeth. The only solution was to extract all of his teeth, so that is what was done. After a long period of recovery, Chip is doing much better. He still has to have treatment for lip pyoderma every so often (no teeth to hold his tongue in, so his lower lip sometimes gets too moist and becomes irritated). Chip also receives medication for arthritis in his back. Despite all his health issues, Chip is a happy guy. Your sponsorship of Chip continues to allow him to get the treatment he needs. Please consider “virtually adopting” Chip.

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