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If you don't own a dog, at least one, there is not necessarily anything wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life - Roger Caras
Buckeye (1707)

Hi~ I go by Buckeye! I’ve had a hard life living outdoors for at least 12 years until Suncoast Basset Rescue came to take me to a better place! After they picked me up and took care of my nails that were curling into my feet and gave me 3 baths to rid me of the flea infestation I was suffering, I got to see the Doctor. Doc gave me all my shots and a physical exam as well as a heartworm test. That’s when we found out that I have arthritis and heartworms….. Yes, heartworms and I’m over 12 years old so Doc said I can only go through slow kill heartworm treatment which takes a long time to kill the heartworms. So here I am an elderly senior hound and this breaks what’s left of my heart. I do love my soft bed and blanket as well as finally being inside enjoying air conditioning. My feet don’t hurt anymore from my own nails cutting me and I’m not being bit up by fleas anymore either! I just need a few wonderful people to virtually adopt me to help out with the costs of my heartworm treatments and meds for my arthritic elbows. Would you be those wonderful humans that can help me by sponsoring me?

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