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Rusty (1727)

What a gorgeous hunk Rusty is! He is a sweet and active 4 year old boy who likes other dogs but can be rough with little dogs ~ he likes to tug and run. He walks well on a leash but you need a strong hand when it comes to meeting other dogs on a walk. He wants to be friendly but he is like a bull in a china shop. He LOVES walks and they are very necessary to tire him out for sleeping at night. Although Rusty gets along with dogs his size, he would be fine as an only dog also - just make sure that he gets plenty of exercise. Rusty MUST be fed separately and not allowed to roam when other dogs in the house are eating. He is gentle taking treats from you but he wants everyone else’s treats or food and that can cause fights. He will try and steal your food also, so best to keep him separated when you are eating. Rusty will need to continue to remain on his prescription food. Rusty is housebroken but NEEDS a consistent schedule. The crate has been very good for him. His new family must understand that he goes out immediately after meals and playtime. Rusty is a good boy but cannot be in a home with children since he plays rough and is HIGHLY food aggressive. He would be fine in a home with teenagers or older who understand and can respect Rusty’s space, with his issues. ** Rusty's New Family MUST be willing to travel to north Florida to meet with Rusty’s trainer. ** If you have the perfect home for Rusty, please fill out an Adoption Application.

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