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Fred (1728)

**** ADOPTION PENDING **** Could Fred be any more adorable? This cutie is 8 years old and is looking for his forever home. Fred gets along with cats and dogs and hasn’t shown any aggression at his foster home. He is very obedient and responds well to his name. He LOVES to go on walks. Fred appears to have an allergy to grass, as he doesn’t walk on grass and when he does, he gets sores on the bottom of his feet, that he will constantly lick. Fred also has periodontal disease ~ he only has a few teeth left. Fred does have some separation anxiety and will bark when left alone. Fred’s foster family is working on his potty training as he still has occasional accidents in the home. A family that is home a lot or able to take him with them often, would be best for Fred. If you think that Fred would fit into your family and you are able to give him the love he deserves, please fill out an Adoption Application.

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