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If you don't own a dog, at least one, there is not necessarily anything wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life - Roger Caras
Drew (1831)

Hi Basset lovers my name is DREW. I am a 7.5 year old basset possibly mixed with a wired haired terrier. I was one of the Miami 7 that SBR took in that were rescued from a Hoarder in Miami. I came from deplorable conditions where I was born and lived my entire life until being rescued. It has been one long road getting me healthy: I am currently being treated for heartworms, a very hard to treat right ear infection and I recently had to have part of my tail amputated due to a condition called Happy Tail, although there is nothing happy about it at all. It was very painful. I was finally healthy enough back in November to get neutered and have T.E.C.A. surgery on my left ear. My ear was so infected and had so much scar tissue the only left to do to relieve my misery was to remove my ear canal. At some point in my life my jaw was broken and it was never addressed. Due to this I lost all my teeth to rot. I have areas where I have no fur. My doctor has not been able to figure that mystery out and thinks I may have had a severe skin infection at some point or maybe I was just born that way. But enough of the sad stuff, lets talk about how despite my horrific past I am a super loving, sweet, and well behaved boy. My foster mom has worked with my on trust. I am very afraid of people I don't know. I have learned that snuggling is awesome and ask often to sit in her lap even though it still makes me uncomfortable.I am the alpha the pack of ragamuffins at my foster home. I get along well with other dogs and don't mind cats. I love playing with my house mates. I will occasionally play with a stuffed toy. I LOVE TO EAT which makes my foster mom very happy. When I first arrived it was all she could do to get me to eat, but now I love food so much I have to eat out of a slow feed bowl. I am not food aggressive at all and take treats gently. I am terrified of going out in the world and also riding in a car. Currently I am not up for adoption as I am not medically cleared. But if you could make a donation to the rescue for my care that would be awesome.

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