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If you don't own a dog, at least one, there is not necessarily anything wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life - Roger Caras
Reba (1921)

My name is Reba. The humans think I am about 8 years young. I have been with my foster family for 3 months now. If you were to ask them, I am sure they would say great things about me. I am very shy and scared of meeting new families. I don't remember my past family but I think I may have been ignored or mistreated. It has taken the last few months to understand love and affection. My foster daddy has been so good to me. He lets me sleep wherever I wish. Mostly I like to snuggle up to him on his bed. I get along well with my fellow doggies in the house. Everyone is so nice to me. I don't mind cats or children either. I have no food aggression, but at my house we each eat from our own bowls. I usually finish first. I am currently undergoing heartworm treatment but I should be available for adoption in a month or so. Note from my Foster Daddy: Reba is super sweet and loves attention. As you can tell, she does not have much Basset in her, but boy how she steals the hearts of everyone she meets. She has taken the last 3 months to gain her trust. I think the right loving family would be a good fit for her. She does get fed twice a day and likes to wake me up with nudging @ 7am or so, for her morning feeding. She does have full freedom of the human bed, couches and doggie beds. She learned the doggie door right away and has never had an accident in the house. She is super sweet and deserves the best family that will love her until the day she departs this world.

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