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Kelly (1282) & Snickers (1314)

Kelly and Snickers have been in there foster home for several months now. They are both estimated to be between 3 & 4yrs old.They have adjusted remarkably well. While they are still shy around strangers or new faces, they have begun to open up to their foster family. Kelly has quite the personality and can be very feisty when playing with other dogs. She is absolutely adorable! She is still funny when it is time to come into the house, we usually have to let her walk around the table with the back door open. Kelly will run right into the back door. We follow her and shut the door behind us. Kelly loves to go on walks and likes to sleep with us on the bed. She does have some anxiety during storms and needs some reassurance and her Thundershirt. Snickers is a cuddle buddy. He is a very good looking Basset Hound with an Elvis lip. His favorite spot in the house is on the bed next to his foster dad. Snickers is also shy around new people. He has gotten better with his anxiety but an potential adopter must be very vigilant. Snickers must have his harness on before anyone opens the door. He will try to bolt out the door and then you must chase him down. He loves to go on walks and does well with a harness. Snickers and Kelly would do best in a quiet, calm environment. It will take a few months for them to get comfortable in their new home. They are both on medication that costs $8 a month (for both of them combined at Walmart). While this may seem like a lot of work, Snickers and Kelly are worth the effort. They have continued to improve and make their foster family smile everyday. With some time to adjust, they will make a wonderful addition to your family. Update: Kelly and Snickers are not up for adoption until further notice.

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