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Rambo (1617) & Juliette (1616)

Welcome the twins to SBR. They are Rambo (47 lbs) and his twin Juliette (60 lbs). They are litter mates and bonded so they must be adopted together. They are 5 years young and just craving to be loved. Juliette is afraid of other dogs she does not know so it takes her a couple of days to warm up. Rambo sounds aggressive because he wants to sound big to keep other doggies away from her. But he settles down as soon as she decides the other doggies are not mean. They both are shy when first meeting people, Rambo more than Juliette, but they do warm up quickly. They will be in your lap wanting hugs and kisses within 24 hours. They are so sweet. Juliette absolutely loves loves loves squeaky toys. She also has a fondness for leather shoes so they do need to be keep behind closed doors. They both love playing with their other foster siblings in the house. Both of these sweet babies are not fully potty trained (due to being mostly outside dogs) but they are working on it and progressing nicely and they do know how to use a Doggie door. These two are not available just yet for adoption due to Rambo having heartworms and starting treatment. But if you would like to meet these beautiful sweeties contact SBR and set up a meet and greet.

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