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BuddyBoy (668)

My name is Buddy Boy, and I am 15 years old. I had one eye removed due to Glaucoma I also had a procedure done to kill my other also due to Glaucoma. So I am totally blind but that does not stop me, I have great bassety senses that help get around great. Of my other 7 basset roommates I was the first to master the dog door. I am bipolar, which is something that people can be too. Sometimes, my mood swings from sadness, to agitation, to fear and other things I can't describe. I've been adopted out twice, but my disorder has kept me from being a "normal" member of the family. I need to be crated when I have my episodes, so I don't hurt anyone and so I feel more secure. I was very food aggressive toward other dogs and people when I was eating, but me and my foster mommy have been working on that and I now eat with my roommates in the kitchen now. I loved to go on road trip with my foster mom to help deliver food to other foster homes in Suncoast Basset Rescue.Other than that, I am a normal guy, potty trained, who loves pets and friends of all kinds. I am putty in the hands of people once I know them, especially women. But I am a special needs dog, so I will probably be with a Suncoast foster family for the rest of my life. Your support of Suncoast helps me live my life and be happy, in spite of my disease. Thank you for supporting all of us!

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