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Maddie (697)

Maddie was said to be 7-8 years old old from the shelter we got her at but she is definately younger -- maybe 3-5 years old. I think the shelter was judging her age on the glaucoma and the fact that her teeth are worn probably from being in a cage. She is currently 42 lbs and will need to gain a few pounds to fill out. Maddie is super sweet. She loves to roll over for belly rubs and likes to be where the action is. She enjoys playing with the other hounds but when she is done she will say her peace. She insists on sleeping at the foot of the foster moms bed. She curls up and sleeps throught the nite. Maddie is not completely housebroken-- she has a fear of being outside so it takes some coaxing to roam out in the backyard. She prefers to be walked on a leash.

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