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If you don't own a dog, at least one, there is not necessarily anything wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life - Roger Caras
Virtual Adoption
Virtual Adoption - it's not a physical or actual act of adopting, but rather a simulated 'Adoption' of a particular dog's needs, taking place over the internet.
Did you know, with a pledge of $20.00 per month, you can help Suncoast Basset Rescue care for a basset who has known years of misunderstanding, neglect or abuse, or perhaps one who was well loved but could no longer be cared for by a previous owner due to life changes. We encourage you to share the joy of supporting a basset in need with your friends, co-workers, school or community group through Virtual Adoption.
Each "Virtual Adopter" that pledges $100 or more per year in financial support will receive your name listed on the Virtual Adoption page on website.
A Special Thank-You
Suncoast Basset Rescue wants to extend a special thank-you to the following individuals for their generous donations:
  • James Kelly
  • Joseph Detrano
  • Erin Borge
  • Colin Cleek
  • Darrin Griffith
  • Robert Hersey
  • Barbara Weber
  • Glenn Jackson
  • Ray Smith
  • Amy Harper
  • Scott Wren
  • John Alvarez
  • Holly Martinez
  • Colin and Helen Klett
  • Catherine Lawson
  • Jamie Sotelo
  • Dieidre Van Horn
  • Pia Manley
  • Ellen Hongo
  • Danielle Cassidy
  • Laura Salmon
BubbaTate (1598)

Bubba Tate (aka Tater) is an 9 year old boy who weighs a healthy 65 pounds. You’ll love Bubba Tate once you meet him as he loves everybody he meets. He is good with dogs and cats alike and he does “ok” with small dogs as long as they respect his....(read more)

Bullwinkle (1680)

Meet Bullwinkle. Bullwinkle is part of a bonded pair with his best buddy, Rocky. These 10 year old bonded boys have been together since they were weeks old. They are sweet boys who love attention and the occasional walk. Boy of the boys are totally....(read more)

Chip (1599)

Chip is a sweet ole man that just wants a familiar place and a comfy bed, to live out his remaining days. When Chip was taken into Suncoast’s care last year, he was already blind in one eye and the other eye had pressures that were so high that....(read more)

Chloe (1520)

Meet Chloe, an 8 year old girl who is small at 45 pounds. Chloe was recently diagnosed with lymphoma cancer but she doesn’t let that stop her from her loving personality that includes children, dogs and yes even cats. She loves going for walks and....(read more)

Derby (1784)

Derby is an adorable 2 year old Bagel. Derby was born with Epilepsy and had his first seizure at 7 months old. As an active 2 year old, Derby leads a fun life full of staying busy playing tug-of-war with his (Great Dane) Brother, taking car rides....(read more)

Drew (1831)

Hi Basset lovers my name is DREW. I am a 7.5 year old basset possibly mixed with a wired haired terrier. I was one of the Miami 7 that SBR took in that were rescued from a Hoarder in Miami. I came from deplorable conditions where I was born and....(read more)

Earl (1733)

Earl's nickname is “Bear” because he looks more like a bear than a dog. Earl came into rescue weighing 99 lbs and is now down to 74 lbs. This boy is 11 years old and has gone completely blind in the last few months. He loves to eat and gets a bit....(read more)

Kelly (1282)

Kelly is a tiny little Basset. She has a curved front leg that gives her a funny walk. She is very sweet and can be feisty with her foster brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, Kelly came from a bad situation and was probably kept outside. It has....(read more)

Laverne (1497)

Meet Laverne, the first half of a bonded pair with Shirley. Laverne is 10 years old and petite at 40 pounds. She is very shy around newcomers or loud people and prefers to be outside during the day and falls asleep on her coolaroo bed in the patio....(read more)

Louie (1435)

Louie is a sweet 7-8 year old guy who loves his neck and chin rubbed. He is very good with other dogs. He loves going for walks and really loves going to the pet stores. He is so well mannered and only barks when you are out of his site. He is....(read more)

Rebel (1650)

Rebel is the other 1/2 of a BONDED pair with Dixie. Rebel is a BIG fluffy boy. He's very laid back and has shown no aggression. Rebel loves meeting people and walks well on the leash. Despite using the doggie door he hasn't grasped the idea he's....(read more)

Rex (1719)

Sweet Rex ~ This gorgeous senior lost his dad and would love to find another family to live out his remaining years with. Rex is 10-12 years old and is still active for his age. He LOVES to go for walks and stays at a good pace – no pulling. He....(read more)

Rocky (1679)

Meet Rocky. Rocky is part of a bonded pair with his best buddy, Bullwinkle. These 10 year old bonded boys have been together since they were weeks old. They are sweet boys who love attention and the occasional walk. Both of the boys are totally....(read more)

Shirley (1498)

Meet Shirley, the second half of an adorable bonded pair, with Laverne. Shirley is 9 years old and petite at 42 pounds. She is probably Laverne’s daughter or younger sister. She loves to hunt lizards and chase squirrels all day. Shirley is afraid....(read more)

Snickers (1314)

Snickers is a good-looking Basset with an Elvis lip and a curved tail. He has developed quite the personality over the last couple of years. Unfortunately, Snickers came from the same bad situation as Kelly. He is very fearful of strangers. At....(read more)

Sophie (1485)

Our foster girl Sophie has proven to be an absolute sweetheart. She came into Suncoast Basset Rescue with a cyst that takes up a great deal of her spine. The cyst leaves her weak and wobbly in her hind end and delays messages to her brain when she....(read more)

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