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If you don't own a dog, at least one, there is not necessarily anything wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life - Roger Caras
Virtual Adoption
Virtual Adoption - it's not a physical or actual act of adopting, but rather a simulated 'Adoption' of a particular dog's needs, taking place over the internet.
Did you know, with a pledge of $20.00 per month, you can help Suncoast Basset Rescue care for a basset who has known years of misunderstanding, neglect or abuse, or perhaps one who was well loved but could no longer be cared for by a previous owner due to life changes. We encourage you to share the joy of supporting a basset in need with your friends, co-workers, school or community group through Virtual Adoption.
Each "Virtual Adopter" that pledges $100 or more per year in financial support will receive your name listed on the Virtual Adoption page on website.
A Special Thank-You
Suncoast Basset Rescue wants to extend a special thank-you to the following individuals for their generous donations:
  • James Kelly
  • Joseph Detrano
  • Byron Porter
  • Kimberly Frawley
  • Helen Klett
  • Erin Borge
  • Colin Cleek
  • Darrin Griffith
  • Robert Hersey
  • Scott Wren
  • John Alvarez
  • Holly Martinez
  • Colin and Helen Klett
  • Catherine Lawson
  • Jamie Sotelo
  • Kenneth Billings
  • Dieidre Van Horn
Amy (1440)

Amy is a feisty 7 year-old that has the bark of a beagle and waddle of a basset! She is full of energy and LOVES toys, but does not like to share them with the other hounds. Amy knows basic commands and is learning to walk on a leash to help lose a....(read more)

Bobby (195)

Bobbie came to us as a puppy, very sick and with a very uncertain future. He was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus, a congenital defect of the Central Nervous System. Hydrocephalus causes fluids from the lymphatic system to collect in his head and....(read more)

Buddy Boy (668)

My name is Buddy Boy, and I am 12 years old. I had one eye removed due to Glaucoma I also had a procedure done to kill my other also due to Glaucoma. So I am totally blind but that does not stop me, I have great bassety senses that help get around....(read more)

Chloe (1520)

Meet Chloe, an 8 year old girl who is small at 45 pounds. Chloe was recently diagnosed with lymphoma cancer but she doesn’t let that stop her from her loving personality that includes children, dogs and yes even cats. She loves going for walks and....(read more)

Dan (723)

Dan is a 13 year old sweet boy who loves attention! He will gladly give kisses if he gets kisses. He can sometimes fall prey to sibling rivalry, and he'll give his foster brother doggie the occasional stink-eye. But it doesn't go any further than....(read more)

Duke (1266)

Duke has a very mellow temperament. He gets along great with other dogs, LOVES affection and will give you kisses in return. He likes to get belly rubs at the dog park,rides great in the car and is leash trained. Despite his age and ailments he's....(read more)

ElmyraJo (1420)

Meet Elmyra Jo, SBR’s newest little lady and by little we mean a mere 34 pounds! This 8 year old is a bundle playful energy. She may seem aggressive but that is the way she plays. This lady is housebroken and is somewhat obedient. She’s enjoys....(read more)

Jake (1446)

Meet Jake, a 6 – 7 year old boy who came to SBR through a shelter so not much is known about his life prior to. Jake has on-going ear infections and requires a diligent owner. Jake will snuggle with you if you help him up as he can’t jump up on....(read more)

KC (1357)

Meet KC, he is a very laid back hound that goes out of his way to avoid confrontations. This 12 year old senior tips the scales at a mere 48 pounds. He gets along well with cats and dogs alike. He sits and comes when called which any hound owner....(read more)

Logan (1307)

Logan made his way to SBR via a shelter. He's approximately 8-10 years old. Whatever abuse he suffered prior to SBR goes deep. He fear bites when he feels his comfort is disturbed, his food is taken away or even just trying to trim his nails. We....(read more)

Maddie (697)

Maddie was said to be 7-8 years old old from the shelter we got her at but she is definately younger -- maybe 3-5 years old. I think the shelter was judging her age on the glaucoma and the fact that her teeth are worn probably from being in a cage.....(read more)

Rebel (1482)

I am Rebel, no I am not without a cause like the movie version! I have a cause and a purpose, don’t let my namesake fool you! While I may be named Rebel, I am one of the most obedient, amenable hounds you will meet! I am in my prime of life at 7....(read more)

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