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Frequently Asked Questions - Fostering a Basset
Q: What is it like to Foster?
A: Fostering a Basset Hound is a rewarding and joyful experience.

Q: What does a Foster do?
A: A Foster takes in a needy Basset, and supplies it with love, food & shelter for a period of time until their forever home is found.

Q: How long does a Foster normally have a dog?
A: Anywhere from a week to failing Foster 101 when they choose to adopt the dog they are Fostering!

Q: How do I know if I would be a good Foster home?
A: Do you have it in your heart to want to love and help a Basset?

Q: Does Suncoast cover the expenses of a Foster dog?
A: Suncoast covers medical expenses for the Basset.

Q: What responsibilities would I have as a Foster?
A: To evaluate the Basset, and help determine the best home for it since you know it best.

Q: Is it hard to give up a dog you have Fostered?
A: Yes, it can be very difficult. However, when you see the dog happy in their new surroundings you know you have helped not only the dog, but the new family too!

Q: Do I have to have a home check to become a Foster?
A: Yes, it is a requirement.

Q: How do I apply to provide a Foster home to a basset?
A: Please complete our Foster Application.
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