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There are two basset magazines available:

The Bugler is an independent magazine of interest both to basset hound breeders and exhibitors and those who are simply interested in basset hounds as friends and companions. Subscription information for The Bugler is as follows: Subscription: $15 for one year. Checks should be payable to The Bugler, mail to The Bugler, 5972 Francis Ferry Road, McMinnville, TN 37110-4162. (They do not take credit cards.) If first-class mailing is preferred, the rate is $25 for 1 year. Foreign rates are $25 for surface mail. Airmail to Canada & Mexico is $30. Airmail to all other countries is $70. Contact editor Riche Churchill at buglr@InfoAve.Net.

Tally-Ho is the official publication of the Basset Hound Club of America and is sent to all members. It is currently only available to BHCA members. Tally-Ho's editor is Carol Hunt, 1911 West 11th Street, Anderson, IN 46016-2730. Phone: 765-642-1495. Fax: 765-642-6291. e-mail: lily@iquest.net
Books, Toys, All things Dog! 8% of sales go to SBR!
Basset Hound Savvy Learn How to Make Your Basset Hound Happy, Healthy and Obedient
Basset Books at Barnes & Noble Lots of Basset Books at B & N!
The Offical Book of the Basset Hound "The most comprehensive, authoritative and colorful book ever published on the Basset Hound"
The Basset Hound DVD Included! From our friends at Pet Smart.
Bassets Unlimited A Community Designed for the Basset Hound Enthusiast. Lots of great Basset Books, forums, photos and medical information.
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