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SBR Volunteer Descriptions
Foster Home
Volunteers make their home available to take in a basset from a shelter or owner surrender -- this could be a short or long term situation. We ask that you care for the foster basset as if it were your own. The foster may be in good health and up to date with vaccinations and just need a warm sudsy bath and lots of TLC. Some fosters however are in need of medical care, weight gain and lots of R & R. We ask that you provide a loving environment in either case and get to know your bassets behavior and help train your foster in needed areas. This may include teaching trust, housebreaking, walking on a leash or simple commands like sit, stay and come. Suncoast Adoption Coordinators need to know about your fosters social abilities such as if your foster is good around children, cats or other dogs too. The Suncoast Foster Home Coordinator has a list of those volunteers who indicated they are able to take a foster in their care and will contact you for availability when the need arises. The Foster Home Coordinator is available to foster homes to provide support and answer any questions you may have.
Often times Suncoast needs assistance in transporting a foster basset from one area of the state to another where we have a foster home available or better yet an adoptive home. The Suncoast Transport Coordinator has a list of those volunteers willing to help in this situation and will contact you if we need assistance in your area and to see if you are available to help.
Home Check
When an adoption application has been received, a Suncoast Adoption Coordinator reviews the application for approval. This approval is contingent on a home check being performed. The Suncoast Home Check Coordinator will contact a volunteer, who indicated they are available to perform home checks, closest to the area of the prospective adoptive home. The volunteer will be provided with a Home Check Form to use when visiting the prospective adoptive home to be certain all pertinent questions are asked and necessary information is reviewed with the family. Once the form is completed the volunteer will email the form to the Home Check Coordinator. The Home Check Coordinator will also be available to answer any of your questions or provide support when needed.
Special Events
Suncoast has two Special Event Coordinators who often need helping hands and minds in planning or running a special event. Events Suncoast has been involved in previously are parades, fundraisers, awareness booths at pet oriented events or at festivals. If you indicate you would like to be involved in helping with special events then one of our Special Events Coordinators will contact you when an event is coming up to see if you are available to help.
Actually, we are ALL volunteers. If you have not indicated you are interested in any one or more particular areas, there are other ways you can volunteer. Maybe you have a creative talent and can make and donate items for Suncoast to sell or use in fundraising to benefit the rescue. Possibly you have your own business or have a good relationship with a business that can provide goods or services to benefit Suncoast Basset Rescue. The ways to volunteer are endless, just keep in mind our number one priority is to help bassets in need -- that's what Suncoast is all about. Let our Volunteer Coordinator know when you have a suggestion or idea that could be of help to Suncoast Basset Rescue.
If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact the Volunteer coordinator .
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