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SBR 2020 Waddle Memorial Board
Although the Sweetheart Waddle is a time to celebrate our love of the hounds, it is also a time to reflect the many that have crossed over the “Rainbow Bridge”. This reflection is for all our hound fur-babies that have crossed the Bridge to run, frolic and smell all the wonderful smells their noses allow in that magical realm at the end of the Rainbow. This is a time to celebrate their unconditional love for us and ours for them. A time to recall all the ways these comical dogs bring joy to our lives and how empty they will be without them. We take solace knowing one day we will be reunited. As we take time during the 2020 Waddle for this reflection, we request help from those who have comforted their fur-babies in this final journey. In the event you are unable to attend the 2019 “Waddle”, please allow us to remember your hound; whether a rescue, foster or your own, during this special time of reflection. We respectfully ask the following be provided so we may remember your fur-baby during this time of reflection:
The name of both your hound and yourself
The month and year they crossed the bridge
As many pictures as you care to share
This will be for all hounds that have crossed over between March 2019 and February 10, 2020.
Send all information to the
The cutoff date to receive the information is February 10th, 2020.
Thank you and we hope to see you at the Waddle!
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