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SBR 2020 Waddle King Nominees
All Bassets are Royalty and we are their Subjects.
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If you wish, we will post your Royal Hound for you! Send us your name, your Royal Hound's Name and a message about why this Hound is Royalty (4500 character limit). Include up to 5 Royal pics. Click to send in your entry!
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The Collins Pack and their Momma
Howdy everybody. My name is Champion. Doesn't King Champion have a nice ring to it? How about y'all help me make that happen? Vote for me to be the SBR Sweetheart Waddle King 2020. Votes cost just $1 and the monies raised go to the SBR medical funds so they can help more hounds in need. ***I came into SBR's care January 15, 2017. Three days before my 5th birthday. My daddy had past away unexpectedly in October of 2016. Our neighbors offered to take me and my Newfy sibling in. But that's not how it went. They took my sibling and abandoned me on my daddy's 10 acre piece of property. For three months I lived all alone. They'd bring me food occasionally but not often enough. I was confused, scared and lonely. You see, where I come from there are mean ole snakes, foxes, coyotes, bobcats and bears. I also had to contend with hoards of fleas. When my daddy's friend checked with the neighbor he learned the sad awful truth. He called SBR and arranged for them to take me into their care, but first he took me and got me all checked out by my vet. I was one sick boy. I'd lost 10 lbs, was covered in fleas so bad I had a major skin infection and was missing a lot of fur. I also had double ear infections and double eye infections. I was heartbroken and depressed. But my foster mom took really good care of me even though I was one tough cookie and had some behavioral issues stemming from the three months I was on my own, but she didn't give up on me. 37 days after being rescued my foster sister Anna had to go the rainbow bridge unexpectedly due to a brain tumor. It was a very sad time in our house. But something truly amazing came out the tragedy. My foster Mom adopted me to honor her Anna. On March 4, 2017 I officially became part of the Collins Pack. Help other hounds in need have their dreams come true just like me. Help me raise the much needed funds so that SBR can continue rescue and help hounds in need.
Amy Harper
Hunter the beagle mix had been roaming the dirt roads of a small town outside of Jacksonville. Like "Cheers," everyone knew his name. He had a junkyard scrap or two, causing him to have major leg surgery, but he's a winner. (He could win the title of King, too!) He would bay and bay his gratitude to his loyal subjects every morning and every night (seriously, he would). He'd go on lizard hunts in their honor. SBR rescued Hunter in June 2016. (SBR loves the beagles and hound mixes of the world, too!) He was in two amazing foster homes (he would raid the fridge and dig, dig, dig in the yard at his first foster home!). He also used his sniffer on a search and rescue mission to find a lost dog (SBR gave to him, he gave back to SBR). He was adopted in October 2017. He still loves to dig, dig, dig, and hunt for lizards! Hunter’s an amazing dog, and he’s so grateful to SBR for changing his life. He’d love to give back even more! Would you consider donating $1 to vote for Hunter for King of the Waddle?! A vote for Hunter is a vote for all the hound mixes that SBR has helped throughout the years!
Sr Winston Churchill
Lori Porter
Hello everyone i go by Winston I am a champion in my mommy's eyes but the sound of King Sr. Winston Churchill has a wonderful ring to it please help me achieve this. All the money raised is going to a great cause Sun Cost Basset Rescue it only takes $1.00 per vote. I will be attending my first Basset Waddle and looking forward to it. My days at home Intel many belly rubs and looking for sticks in the back yard and let's don't forget sun bathing and playing with my toys. Also playing with my big brother Otis
Kathy Wilson
Hi, it's me Wall-E, you may remember me from last years Waddle as Runner Up, I have decided that I would like to try again. I am so grateful to SBR for finding me the perfect home. In April of this year, I allowed Koda to come and stay with us until she found her perfect home, but we all decided that she already found it with us. She drives me nuts sometimes but we all love her very much, she is running for Queen of the Waddle, so wouldn't it be cool if we both won and made it a family affair. If you could find it in your heart to donate to my Waddle King Page for the Medical fund for the Hounds that have not been lucky enough to be adopted yet, it would sure make me happy. No amount is too small or too large. Thank you and I will see you at the Waddle. Love, Wall-E Wilson. Momma says I am a very handsome boy and I deserve to be King.
Lauren Aker
Hello, hoomans of my (future) humble kingdom! My name is Cooper Willyrufus Magoon, and I can’t wait to be crowned king of the bassets. I am a fun loving pup with a taste for action and adventure! I love bully sticks, car rides, my hooman mama and papa, and long waddles on the beach! Wouldn’t anyone want to join me in this amazing life I live? If you want to see more of the daily life of your future king, check out my Instagram @cooper_bassethound! I would gladly show you how to be as free spirited, fun, and floppy as me! As king, I will dedicate all the treats in the kingdom to be awarded to all of the good boys and girls, instill a mandatory nap time period into the day, and banish all vacuums from our land! I will also donate and advocate to the cause of all bassets around the kingdom, as a $1 donation and vote for me as king basset 2020 goes to the SBR medical fund to help hounds in need! If you need a king who is steadfast, handsome, and can lead his mighty kingdom further into greatness, vote for Cooper Willyrufus Magoon as king of the SBR Waddle!
Charlie is a 1 year old bundle of joy! He enjoys long naps, short walks, and home-made dog treats from his moms kitchen! He is a whopping 61 pounds but still insists on being a lap dog. He loves to hang his head out the window on car rides. He goes to every family event with his humans. He even received Christmas gifts from relatives because he is such a big part of the family. He loves all children and all dogs. His parents could not have asked for a better boy. He is royalty at its finest, King of his household!
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