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SBR 2017 Waddle King Nominees
All Bassets are Royalty and we are their Subjects.
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If you wish, we will post your Royal Hound for you! Send us your name, your Royal Hound's Name and a message about why this Hound is Royalty (4500 character limit). Include up to 5 Royal pics. Click to send in your entry!
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King JB
Debbie Wood
Hello everyone I am King JB and I am running for King of the Waddle again this year. I am running in memory of my foster sister and one of my Queens the beautiful Queen Beasley who went to the bridge . I want you all to know I understand what pain and trauma is and how it feels not to be loved. I am so grateful for Suncoast Basset Rescue for helping me get healthy and into a loving forever home. It was not always happy for me I was thrown from a car run over on a main highway and was going to be sent to the bridge due to my injuries. Someone at the animal control saw the plea in my eyes for help so they contacted Suncoast Basset Rescue to see if they could help me. If Suncoast didn't take me I would not be here today. Suncoast saved my life. I now live with 4 pins in my cute little body . I am a certified Service Dog .I visit nursing homes and people in hospitals to bring happiness to them well/. I recently took in a 15 year old foster brother Cujo that has limited sight and does not hear to well but I took him in under my paw. So I am teaching him how to live life to the fullness like I do. I enjoy doing all the fundraising to help other hounds get healthy and into loving homes that is the way hounds should live Healthy and loved not beaten and dump or starved and without rescues like Suncoast Basset Rescue a lot of hounds would not get to live the good life so please consider a donation and help me retain my title of King and HELP the hounds of Suncoast Basset Rescue. Please support me in what I do. I am begging for all the hounds of Suncoast Basset Rescue I pray everynight all hounds can live the happy life I have. You can see me praying for them in one of my photos
Robert Sayre
Hello everyone!!! My name is Harley and I am running for Sweetheart Waddle King. It is my goal to help raise as much money for SBR as I can so they can continue to save hounds like me. On Oct 16th, 2016 I was brought to the shelter to be euthanized. I was emaciated, anemic and had a large tumor hanging between my back legs. I looked a mess! The shelter let SBR know about me and they immediately sent a volunteer to come rescue me. Due to my condition they were unable to do surgery on my tumor until I was healthy enough. My foster family worked very hard with me to get meat on my bones, my anemia gone and get me generally healthy to rid me of the nasty tumor. A month later the tumor I had burst open and needed to be removed immediately. I was getting very sick from that nasty thing. I was so lucky, with a ton of love, the right food and goats milk (thank you Carolann for getting my foster dad the hook up) my blood work came back that day and I was no longer anemic and healthy enough to have surgery. The surgery to remove the tumor went well and I also had my teeth cleaned. So now I am tumor free, have pearly white teeth, very healthy and have a great foster family with four foster brothers and life is great!!! Help me raise money by voting for me for Waddle King. SBR truly saved my life so help them continue to help hounds like me in need by voting for me ; every dollar raised goes to our medical fund!
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