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SBR 2019 Waddle King Nominees
All Bassets are Royalty and we are their Subjects.
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If you wish, we will post your Royal Hound for you! Send us your name, your Royal Hound's Name and a message about why this Hound is Royalty (4500 character limit). Include up to 5 Royal pics. Click to send in your entry!
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Sampson aka bad bad Leroy Brown
Windy Collins
Hello a basset lovers and BBLB admirers. My official name is Sampson but momma often refers to me a bad bad Leroy Brown. why? Because I can be the most downright orneriest and naughtiest hound around. When I came into the care of SBR I was terrified of humans even my foster mom who would later adopt me. I used my basset charms on her and wiggled my way deep into her heart and she couldn't let me go. My momma truly has the patience of Job, at least she does with me. She has put up with a lot of my antics but stayed steadfast and never gave up to help me becone awesome dog she knew I was meant to be. While I can be wary of people I am no longer terrified of them. I have shown real leadership and have become alpha of my pack of minions and I have gained their respect. I like to lecture them a lot until they come around to my way of thinking. So, with all these awesome qualities I feel I am fit to be king. Will you support me in my endeavor? Click the donate now button to vote for me to be SBR Sweetheart Waddle King 2019. THANK YOU your support of SBR Hounds.
Kathy Wilson
Hi, my name is Wall-E Wilson. I am running for 2019 Suncoast Basset Rescue Waddle King. My Sister Abigail who is at the bridge was Queen in 2013, Runner Up in 2014 and 2017 and I want to make her proud of me, I also want King JB to be proud too. OK here is my story. I was found in a Walmart parking lot by a very nice person that called Suncoast Basset Rescue about saving me (hence the name Wall-E). I weighed a mere 43 lbs as you can see in one of the pictures, I now weight 57.9 lbs which my Doctor says is perfect for me. Anthony and Denise fostered me and they love me very much, my Momma met me at the 2018 Waddle (she couldn’t stay away from me) and we fell head over heals in love with each other and she said she HAD to adopt me (she says timing is everything). She had two foster girls at the time so when they got adopted, Anthony and Denise took me to my new Momma and DUDE. This is a perfect match for all of us. I am a chill guy that loves to be loved, I like all other dogs (unlike Abigail who was NOT SO FOND of 4 legged creatures). I enjoy lounging on the couch usually in Momma’s spot, laying in the sun, going for walks, chasing lizards and frogs, playing with my toys, going to the dog park with my Grandma’s 3 legged Lhasa Apso Buddy and spending quality time with Momma and Dude. I was heartworm positive so I had to have treatment, and I tested Negative in October of 2018 all those nasty worms are DEAD now, so now I am 100% healthy and I am looking forward to a long happy life as a Wilson. I feel it is my duty to raise money for all of the Suncoast Basset Rescue hounds as it takes quite a bit of $$ to get us all ready for adoption. All of the funds raised go to the medical fund for all of the hounds that come to SBR to find loving furever homes like I did. If you would like for me to be the 2019 Suncoast Basset Rescue King, please donate. I will have some items up for raffle and/or auction soon. Thank you for your support, I look forward to being Crowned King on February 2, 2019, Wall-E.
BoJack BJ Wood
Debbie Wood
BoJack Wood AKA BJ My mom, Debbie Wood said BoJack, would you like to run for "King of the 2019 Waddle"? I said, "HUH", what is that? She said, that I would learn to greet people like a gentleman and raise money for Suncoast Basset Rescue hounds less fortunate then myself. I learned that my brother, King JB Wood had been king for over 10 years and raised over $100,000.00 for SBR hounds in need. I know that being king requires a lot of work and dedication and that I would have very large paws to try and fill. My mom, Debbie said that she would help me to be the best King possible and to raise money for the less fortunate while spreading good will. I said, "AWRUFFFFFFF". Now I need your support to make it happen. Please donate to BoJack for King of the Waddle and I will try to be the best King possible. Thank You!
Hoover the Basset Hound
Stephanie Finz
Hoover is 6-7 year old rescue from Alabama who was shipped up to NYC where I adopted him after my second basset boy went to the Bridge. Shortly after I adopted him we all moved to Florida. He was heartworm positive and had mushroom pellets in his body.The pellets were removed but he developed an abscess in his spinal cord from the heartworm injections which left him with a side to side scar.Over the summer he became a social media and local star when the news picked up a facebook post about him howling with the Brightline, a new commuter train running on the freight rail tracks right outside our condo building. Then in the midst of his fame he got very sick and had MRSD in his ears.That cleared up but he still was sick.We finally had a brain MRI done right before Thanksgiving which revealed spots on his brain.Spinal tap revealed nothing specific.He's on a ton of broad-spectrum antibiotics and is on the mend.We pray it resolves or we are looking at auto-immune diseases or some type of rare lymphoma.His spirit has been unrelenting and by the time the waddle comes around we pray he will be back to his old self.He's a courageous boy who's been through a lot!
Oliver the Great
Alyssa Hargan
Hi! My name is Oliver, but my family refers to me as the little man. This might be a weird nickname for some, but I assure you it's not. I get this name for my spunky and human-like qualities. For example, I am able to completely jump and stand up on the kitchen table to scour for food. I am also excellent at stealing pizza from ANYONE who crosses my path. Currently, I am 9 months old and I give out the best love and barks for everyone around me. My hobbies include wrestling with the biggest dog, eating everything in sight(including the walls), to snuggling my owners. I would call myself a comfort dog because I either have to sleep in the king sized bed with my humans or sleeping on the big lovesac. I really hope you vote for me to be the SBR 2019 Waddle King so I can show you all my love and give back to those in need!
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