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SBR 2019 Waddle Queen Nominees
All Bassets are Royalty and we are their Subjects.
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If you wish, we will post your Royal Hound for you! Send us your name, your Royal Hound's Name and a message about why this Hound is Royalty (4500 character limit). Include up to 5 Royal pics. Click to send in your entry!
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Andi Nicoletto
Hi my name is Bella and I am an SBR alumni! I am excited to run for Queen of the Waddle because I found my family at the Waddle two years ago! Here is my story: Before I found SBR and before I turned a year old I had more homes than I can count on one paw, see I was born deaf and the humans I owned didn’t have any patience for me. My mom saw my story and her, my dad and my brothers and sisters knew I would fit in and promised to help me learn how to be a lady. I love to lead my pack on bunny hunts in the backyard, go on walks and truck rides with dad, snuggle with mom, beg for treats and food, take lots of naps and play with my toys and my pack. Everything a Basset lady should do, I love everyone and everything. I’m two years old now and ready to be an ambassador for SBR and my favorite rescue event! Vote for me as 2019 Sweetheart Waddle Queen!
Hannah Wood
Debbie Wood
Hannah raised over $10,000.00 last year and became the Suncoast Basset Rescue, 2018 Queen of the Waddle. Since becoming Queen, she visits nursing homes and brings smiles and happy moments to the patients. She goes to work with her mom, Debbie Wood and helps to spread the word about the importance of rescue. Hannah learned all about fundraising from her brother, King JB Wood (ATB). She promised her brother, before he crossed the bridge, that she would continue to help the needy hounds. Will you help Hannah keep her promise by donating to "Hannah for 2019 SBR Queen of the Waddle"? AWRUFFFFFF and Thank You!
Nina Bean
Windy Collins
My name is Nina Bean. Momma showed up to the high kill shelter back in March to rescue me for SBR. I was in rough shape. I'd come in as a stray infested with fleas, something wrong with my back, horrible teeth, and one heck of a nasty attitude. I was deemed as rescue only not for adoption at the shelter. I stayed with momma for a couple of days and really loved it there but then I went to my permanent foster home. It was nicemthere and all but I really loved momma so I acted up and wasn't nice or cooperative so I could go back to her. I knew if I went back she'd never let me go. i was right. She officially adopted me in June. With the help of my rescue vet and my current vet I am back on my feet and feeling great. I can even run and play now. Kind of amazing when at one point I couldn't even walk I was in so much pain. Well anyway, I heard my brother Sam talking at this Waddle thing and that they have a king and a queen and he was running to be king so I decided I should throw a hat into the ring as well. I am a beauty queen after all. So vote for me Nina Bean to be SBR 's Sweetheart Waddle Queen 2019.
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