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SBR 2020 Waddle Queen Nominees
All Bassets are Royalty and we are their Subjects.
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If you wish, we will post your Royal Hound for you! Send us your name, your Royal Hound's Name and a message about why this Hound is Royalty (4500 character limit). Include up to 5 Royal pics. Click to send in your entry!
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Andi Nicoletto
Hi My name is Bella! I'm the Queen of my palace and hope to be the queen of your heart! I've been working very hard this year to earn the title of Waddle Queen! I have hosted 7 fosters in our home and we have had several hitchhikers pass through on their way to other foster homes. Each time they come through I love them, play with them and care for them. I have also been training my brother and sisters too as well! See it was only 2 short years ago I was in and out of the system until i landed in the care of SBR too. I had 8 homes including my foster homes before I was 7 months old, I was a bit of a wild child and I'm deaf so I was a little hard to train! I met my family at the Waddle and went home with them and I cannot imagine life different! I have the best life, so I want that for all the hounds that SBR takes into their care too! So vote me, Bella, for your Queen. I will make you proud!
Lady is a beautiful elder lady . She has perfect manners and enjoys a good ear rub . She came all the way from south Florida and was relayed up the state by the wonderful SBR volunteers . When she got to her foster home she immediately made friends with her foster brother Wilson . Lady will follow you everywhere she is very loyal and loving . She also loves to watch you cook . Lady has lots of manners and would make an excellent Queen .
Kathy Wilson
I know I am running late but let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Koda and I was adopted through SBR. I am a young girl and still need to get my act together as Momma says. The powers that be called my Momma one day and said we have a Granddaughter of your foster Tiffany would you like to foster her? Well that was all it took, she picked me up 4 hours later and the rest is history. I love my family and my Brother (sometimes I wear him out). I am a good girl but I know I can't be trusted on my own yet, so I stay in my crate while Momma and Dude are away so I don't get in trouble (I like chewing Momma's stuff). Wall-E does lay by my crate so I am not alone. I am trying to follow in my Sister Abigail's pawsteps and become Queen of the Waddle. If you could find it in your heart to donate to my Waddle Queen Page for the Medical fund for the Hounds that have not been lucky enough to be adopted yet, it would sure make me happy. No amount is too small or too large. Thank you and I will see you at the Waddle. Love, Koda Wilson. Momma says I am a very pretty girl and I deserve to be Queen.
Baby Ruth
Diana Holland
Baby Ruth has brought so much joy into not only my life but everyone she meets. She has that kind of personality that embraces each day and each person with unconditional love and hugs. I have friends that call her “Her Majesty” because of her special nature. As you can see by her pictures, she is very alert and sensitive to those around her. She is chosen at times to assist in interviewing other dogs at a day camp for dogs. Due to her friendliness and understanding she captures all who meet her! Also, as she strolls into the local stores, everyone gathers around for some hugs and paw shakes from the Queen. Please vote for me and I will be your best friend forever! Always a hug, Baby Ruth
The Collins Pack and their Momma
Hi, My name is Nina, But my brothers call me Meana. What can I say? I'm the alpha and I demand respect. Honestly, that makes me a great candidate for Waddle Queen. A little about me...I was found as stray and landed in the slammer in March of 2018. SBR found out about me and sent my Momma to rescue me. I was in real bad shape. I could barely walk and mostly dragged myself around. I also had double ear infections and so much flea dirt Momma couldn't even see me skin. Momma was real gentle and patient with me. I instantly loved her but she told me I was only to be with her a couple of days. That made me sad. I went off to live with Ms. Mary my foster mom but I just missed Momma so much. I was not nice in my foster home and totally uncooperative. Momma said I could come back to her. This made me very happy. Vet lady said I had some kind of trauma to my back and gave me really good medicine. It fixed me right up. I can now not only walk but run and play with my brothers. Once I came back to Momma I knew she was never going to let me go. That was confirmed with she adopted me June 18, 2018. I have come along way but still can be grumpy with Momma when she puts in my dry eye meds and the vet man has to muzzle me because I have bitten him twice. He thinks he's going to win me over one day. I have adjust really well to life in my new home even though my brothers can get on my nerves. Humans make me nervous and I don' allow them to touch me. Well, except Momma. I love her. She rescued me and loved me even though I'n not the most easy hound to be around sometimes. My life is good and I am a happy girl. I am so thankful to SBR for all they did for me and all they do for all the hounds in their care. Help me help them by voting for me to be Waddle Queen.
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