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If you don't own a dog, at least one, there is not necessarily anything wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life - Roger Caras
Support Nora Anne Hound for 2021 Waddle Queen!
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Suncoast Basset Rescue, Inc.
4142 Mariner Blvd #305
Spring Hill. FL 34609
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Queen Nora Anne Hound's Loyal Supporters
Your very best friends
Waddle on Nora Anne!
Trippy T, Libby Clare, Martin and Holmes O Hound
Keep up the good work Nora Anne, you will make a great queen Your friends from New York
Nor Nor will make a great queen.
Deborah Lindsay
Hope your fund raising event is a great success. Go Nora Anne, whoo whoo! Love, Cabot and Tucker
Doolie P. Young
You I love you Nora Anne!!????????????????????
Magnolia Jane E
You’ve got this girl! Lots of love and snooter kisses. Your friend, MJE
Marjorie Holler
Ben, Moe, Snickers and Ellie Margie all love their friend and fellow fur person Nora Anne. She works tirelessly for all Hounds everywhere, but Suncoast Rescue is near abd dear to her heart. Three Cheers for the Queen of our Hearts.
Ann Mullins
She dresses like a queen!
Christine Benise
Love you Nora Anne and all you do for BHRG!
Dorla Salling
Nora Anne is a beautiful hound on the inside and the outside. Not only is she a pretty girl, she is a tireless fundraiser for less fortunate hounds. Nora Anne has never forgotten where she came from and diligently works to ensure every hound has a loving home. Nora Anne will be a wonderful Queen and will rule her subjects with style and grace. Her fashion sense alone qualifies her to be royalty. All she needs is a crown! ??
Melody & Logan Gray
With your beauty and gorgeous wardrobe, there is no other houndette worthless to be Waddle Queen!
Pam Mishler
Nora Anne, with your natural beauty, wonderful wardrobe and generosity, you are the the best candidate for Queen.
Tracy Perry
Good luck Nora Anne!!! You can win this!!!
Beth Woodard
Nora Anne would be a regal Queen!
John Falk
Waddle on Queen Nora Anne. Looking furward to Grandpa and you wearing yur Royalty well!!
Millard Herring
You would make a perfect queen!
Donna Calendine
Go Nora Anne you can do it! Then you will be Queen Nora Anne! :)
Garrett and Amanda & Elvis
Good luck Nora from your Bassett buddy Elvis!
Toni strawn
Love you Nori
Ashley Parker
Go Nora Anne! from your fellow BHRG fam, Barkley c/o2020.
Dawn Lewis
Nora Anne is awesome!
Deborah Hall
She is a queen
Jenny Wilson
Nora Anne RULES!
Judie Hamiwka
Good luck Nora Anne, you are BEAUTIFUL. ??
Laura Salmon
Chauncey says you are beautimous and should be a queen!!
Sandy Catts
You Got This, Nora Anne!!! Queen Nora!
Scott and Judy Miller
Nora Anne is a spectacular and beautiful personality from Georgia. She is exceptional in poise, and royal in her carriage. She is famous for her numerous appearances on Facebook, fundraising broadcasts, and personal appearances. Her wardrobe is to be envied.
Vicki Herrin
Supporting beautiful Nora Anne.
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