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If you don't own a dog, at least one, there is not necessarily anything wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life - Roger Caras
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Queen Hannah's Loyal Supporters
Audrey Kaake
Good Luck Hannah!
Debbie Shelton
Good Luck Hannah!!!
Cimba Johnson (Lee G)
Go Hannah! This is Lee Goucher (FB) I hope you win in your first quest for Waddle Queen :-)
Douglas Dropp
Hope you make Queen.
Susan Steinberg
Emma and Freddy are happy to support your quest for Queen
Deanna D Snodgrass
Thank You and best wishes!
Merlin’s Mom
Go Hannah!!! Love Merlin, Lucy & Ruby Doo????
Kathy Audinet
Good Luck Hannah!! You got this!!
Good luck, Hannah. It's good to be Queen and you have big paw prints to waddle in. I know these things! Pawtunia, Waddle Queen 2010
brian fons
Good luck!
Alice King
Go Hannah
Barbara Emard
Go Hannah!!!
Bonnie Bleu
Donna LaVallee
Support for auction ?
Tracy Reed
Your so Beautiful Hannah. Hope you get Queen.
Carol Poist
3 of 3 Re: Jeanette Wilson stocking from Carol Poist and James Connors
Dené Coombs
Best hopes and wishes to Hanna from Buster Brown, Eleanor, Pickle and Parents
Robin Weiler
Supported. ??Hannah
Beryl Himmelsbach
Hooray tor Hannah.....from Gracie Mae & mom!
Dawn Dingmon
Best wishes Hannah
King JB
Love you my sister here is some of my milkshake money. Good Luck
Martha Knoll
to Sweet Miss Hannah, Sister to King JB fundraiser extraordinaire send you lots of wishes
Mary Ann Barnes
No one but Hannah will make an awesome queen. She has done so much for this rescue. E. she deserves to Win.
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