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If you don't own a dog, at least one, there is not necessarily anything wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life - Roger Caras
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Queen Bella's Loyal Supporters
Andi Nicoletto
Buy it now/Auction $
Dr. Mark Planco
Bella’s waddle is epic and will be legendary and eventually qualify for Dynasty status!
Susan Nieradko
Just split the tickets between the 2 raffle prizes. Love you Bella.
Gail Wilson
Good luck Bella. (raffle)
Nicki Rojas
Bella if you don’t know is deaf. But that doesn’t matter because she lives with her heart not her ears. The folks in SCB, my sister - Bella’s Mom, love with their hearts everyday. Please support Bella and the rescue with your heart and some of your wallet :).
Gracie Mae & her mom!
Such a beautiful girl showing so much spunk & spirit fitting of a QUEEN! Hope to meet you some day.
Shelly Bramm
Pretty girl - deserve to be a queen !
Arlene Ring
Go, Bella! You are already the Queen of my heart!
WallE Wilson
Tote Bag from Auction. Good Luck Bella, I hope I meet you at the Waddle.
Loves to the the Bella girl! Keep dancing to your own music <3
You are already a Queen to your Bethy!
Cindy Lynch
I think Bella's got what it take to be Waddle Queen! She's beautiful inside and out! Her friend Cindy
Jeanette Wilson
Go Bella, you sweet girl. xoxo
Julie Martin-Liddell
Go Bella Go!
Kim Golembeck
Raffle tickets :) Hoping you're the next Waddle Queen Bella!!
Laura A Giglio
Good luck, Bella!
Lori McKean-Allison
Good Luck Bella! Raffle tickets
Madeline Miller McKay
You will be Queen
Marge Adair
Best wishes to HRH Bella!
Shorty, Jake & DixieBelle’s Mom
Supporting Bella’s raffle Good Luck, Cimba J (Lee Goucher)
The Brioso pack
Rock on Queen Bella! Rock Raffle chances.
Debra Earle
Go Queen Bella!
Good luck Bella! We know you are a queen in your own right! Wish we could have a playdate! Woof! Love, Derrick.
Elizabeth Erickson
Happy waddles!
Grams loves you Queen Bella!
The only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself....
Dawn Martin
Thank you for all you hard work Bella
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