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Support Champion for 2020 Waddle King!
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King Champion's Loyal Supporters
Your Brudders and Sissy
You go Champion! You got this! Your brudders and Sissy Champion my kindred spirit I throw all of my support on you. Love your big sissy NinaBean Thank you Ellen for your support
Caroline Brioso
Good Luck Champion!! Arooooo’s of support from Merlin, Ruby Doo & Annie!
Dad and Mommy and Supporters
Thank you for running with me foster bro and supporting the SBR hounds! Bella for Queen-Xo
grandma charleen
Grandma loves you. You can win this. Don't give up!
Good Luck my brother!!!
Gail S Wilson
Good luck Champion!
Coral (Sissie) Bryant
Otis and Gracie say You got this Champion, Hail to the King!
Christine Trovato
Good luck!
Tracy/Bob Allen
Niah, Dakota, Roscoe and Daisy wish you lots of drooling luck on being crowned our 2020 Waddle King! Paws Crossed!
Ron & Linda Lee
We support Champion, a dog who understands through experience the hardships that might suddenly and unexpectedly might face a gentle hound through no fault of his or her own. Elect Champion and he will "champion" the cause of all other dogs in need.
Butters, Darla & Lil G
Good Luck Champion!
Kirsten Dobbs
Robin Weiler
Good luck??
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