Virtual Adoption

Virtual Adoption - it's not a physical or actual act of adopting, but rather a simulated 'Adoption' of a particular dog's needs, taking place over the internet. Did you know, with a pledge of $20.00 per month, you can help Suncoast Basset Rescue care for a basset who has known years of misunderstanding, neglect or abuse, or perhaps one who was well loved but could no longer be cared for by a previous owner due to life changes. We encourage you to share the joy of supporting a basset in need with your friends, co-workers, school or community group through Virtual Adoption. Each "Virtual Adopter" that pledges $100 or more per year in financial support will receive your name listed on the Virtual Adoption page on website.

A Special Thank-You

Suncoast Basset Rescue wants to extend a special thank-you to the following individuals for their generous donations:

  • • James Kelly
  • • Joseph Detrano
  • • Erin Borge
  • • Colin Cleek
  • • Darrin Griffith
  • • Robert Hersey
  • • Barbara Weber
  • • Glenn Jackson
  • • Ray Smith
  • • Amy Harper
  • • Scott Wren
  • • John Alvarez
  • • Holly Martinez
  • • Colin and Helen Klett
  • • Catherine Lawson
  • • Jamie Sotelo
  • • Dieidre Van Horn
  • • Pia Manley
  • • Ellen Hongo
  • • Danielle Cassidy
  • • Laura Salmon

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