Find a Lost or Stray Basset?

If you have found a lost or stray Basset then you must first advertise the dog in your local paper for several days. Most newspapers will run a lost dog ad for free although some may charge a small fee. Do not give out information on the dog in the ad. Instead let the people call you and describe the dog so that you can ascertain whether they are in fact the owners of the dog.

Many unethical people prey on people who advertise in the paper so beware not to give the dog to just anyone that calls. First ask them to describe the dog, ask what veterinarian they use and verify that information with their vet office before handing over the dog. Also, please be aware that some people watch for ads such as these in an effort to acquire a dog easily for selling to experimental labs, for use in baiting fighting dogs or to use for breeding purposes or to sell for monetary gain if possible.

It is very important not to give the dog away to people who want to use the dog for breeding. Since this dog has been lost or stray you will most likely have no history or information on the dog. It is imperative that a dog not be bred in this type of situation because the dog may have genetic problems, inheritable diseases, heartworms, glaucoma or eye problems that you may not be able to see.

If the dog is wearing a county or Rabies tag then you should be able to contact your local shelter or Humane Society and ask them to research the tag number to find the owners of the dog. Once you have run an ad and checked the tag if the dog has one, please contact Suncoast so that we may determine how we can help the Basset in need.

If you are in a hurry to have the dog out of your house then please contact Suncoast while running the ad so that we can try to make arrangements to help you with the dog immediately after the ad has finished and we are certain that the dog's owners cannot be found. During this time you may also send in a picture of the dog.

If you would like help with a lost or stray Basset, and have met the above criteria please click here to Contact Us